Project Portfolio

Data Mining

This is a team project that uses good data grooming and machine learning methods to predict when a hospital patient might be readmitted. I demonstrate data cleaning, supervised learning, regularization, and model selection methods to make decent predictions. Click the image to learn more.

Statistical Modeling

This project uses various statistical techniques to estimate from data the generating probability distribution. I use maximum likelihood estimation, hypothesis testing, and Bayes factors among others to analyze data. Click the image to learn more.

Machine Learning Interpretability

This project focuses on developing and finding the limitations of interpretability techniques in machine learning. I show that representational similarity analysis, a statistical technique for comparing model representations, depends heavily on the measure of similarity it uses. Click the image to learn more.

Unsupervised Learning

This project uses unsupervised learning techniques to learn a generative model for crime statistics. I demonstrate data cleaning, Python coding, generative modeling methods, and graphic visualization techniques. Click the image to learn more.